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Claude's Story

Claude's passion for helping others was cultivated by his parents. Claude's father is an United Methodist pastor and mother a retired Chicago Public School teacher. During family dinners his parents exchanged stories about their days in which his mother often struggled to educate her students in the Englewood community. These students were often impacted by community violence, were raised in fractured families, and had experienced various forms of trauma. On the other hand, Claude's father provided pre-marital counseling for couples, and was in charge of the homeless and youth ministry at many of churches he pastored. It was during these formative years that Claude developed a foundation and love of counseling and serving others.

Early in his career Claude worked in residential settings providing counseling services for youth involved in the child-welfare system. For a majority of his career, Claude has provided therapy and professional development for youth and educators in school systems across the Chicagoland Area. Claude started his practice CK Psych in 2018 and primarily sees teens, emerging adults, working professionals, and senior-citizens. Recently, Claude has developed a passion for #mensmentalhealth, especially men of color. In addition to improving the mental health and overall well-being of corporate employees and current/former athletes 

Claude obtained his masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Adler University in 2013. In addition Claude has been trained in EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and the 40 Hr. Domestic Violence Training. Claude has been featured on Newsy TV and facilitated talks about mental health for Amazon, Discover Financial, The Chicago Urban League, Chicago Public Schools, and The Bernie Mac Foundation.

In his spare time, Claude enjoys spending time with family and friends, boxing, working out, and watching the latest social-cultural documentaries on Netflix.

****Claude has been a featured speaker for LiveNow on Fox, Newsy TV, Amazon, Discover Financial Services, The Chicago Urban League, and The Bernie Mack Foundation. In addition serving as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine****

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