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Ducks Over the Lake


"I had a few issues pressing on my mind and knew that I needed to be proactive and talk it out.  Thus, being a Chicago Police Officer and seeing injustice, racism, black on black crime, sexism, murder and innocent people being victimized daily and being equipped with the knowledge of how life stressors if not addressed early on can cause a downward spiral; I found one of the Best Therapists ever to help me cope. I am so thankful that I found Claude.  Claude is instrumental in helping me navigate my confusion, anger and pessimism. Claude's therapeutic techniques helped me tremendously.  You can feel Claude's sincere compassion that allow you to open up to discuss feelings, concerns and issues that is hard to open up and discuss. I look forward and need my counseling sessions with Claude because he hold me accountable while utilizing the perfect blend of divinity, humor, empathy, conflict resolution, professionalism and compassion.   He has a God given innate ability to sense feelings and leave you feeling encouraged and empowered. Claude provides invaluable service that was one of the best investment I made to help myself stay healthy, encouraged and empowered." 


"I have been seeing Claude for therapy for over a year now. When I took the first step to see a therapist I was struggling with past traumas and every day stress from work. Claude helped me when it came to moving on from this past trauma as well as developing more self confidence. For a long time I struggled with self-esteem issues, after a year working with Claude I was able to look at myself in the mirror and love the person that I am. As a teacher my life can be very stressful and time consuming; with that in mind Claude was very accommodating with time and dates of appointments. As a male of color it is difficult to find a therapist that is culturally competent, so when I found Claude I knew that this is a therapist that would understand who I am as a person and help me navigate all the complex emotions and feeling that I was having. In general I am very happy with my decision to make Claude my therapist."


"I started seeing Claude at a crossroad in my life where I felt that a breakthrough was on the horizon but i didn’t know how to get out of my own way. Speaking to him has made me more aware, intentional, and comfortable with what I lack. We are all works in progress but we have to do what we have never done.  Sessions with Claude was that act of bravery for me."


"Claude was my therapist 5 years ago and he helped me through the tough times in my life and now he’s my therapist right now. The sessions I had with Claude are very helpful. He has helped me understand my life and how to manage situations better. He’s a really great therapist to go to for difficult problems in your life. He’s also great understand the situations going in your life and tries to help you understand it better."


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