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Claude L. King, LCPC 
-Psychotherapist & EAP Consultant 

It can be truly difficult to acknowledge you need help and seek that help out. Thank you for taking the first step in the path to healing!
Claude's practice is located in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago. Claude takes a collaborative, client-centered approach to therapy and meets his clients where they are at. Claude’s use of humor, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard allows him to easily break down barriers which creates a safe place for his clients to explore thoughts, feelings and address their reasons for coming to therapy. Claude relies on his diverse clinical raining, natural intuition, and unconventional style to guide his clients as they navigate through life stressors, reprocess distressing experiences, and increase self-awareness, with the goal of becoming the best versions of themselves.

Claude prides himself on being culturally competent as well as having experience working with a wide spectrum of ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identity, religions, and life experiences. Claude specializes in working with trauma, anxiety, chronic stress, depression, men's mental health, couples issues, grief and loss, and parenting issues. Claude has worked with children as young as 5 adults as old as 75.

To learn more about Claude's life, education, and experience please click "Claude's Story" Tab. 

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 Please explore your clinical interest

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Business Meeting

Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy

Increase your self-awareness, Identify strengths and focus areas, Identify unhealthy thinking patterns, reframe thinking, Develop adaptive ways of coping with intense emotions, Develop healthy boundaries, & Improve communication

EMDR Therapy

Eye-Movement Desensitization Re-processing therapy targets distressing experiences that have occurred in the past that is negatively impacting your current functioning

Mental Health Consulting

Consult with Claude on topics related to mental and emotional well-being. Topics include: Strategies to improve workplace performance, Work-Life Balance, Positive Parenting, & Supporting employees of Color.

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Mental Health Workshops

Book Claude to facilitate a workshop for your organization. Topics include: Trauma, Race-Based Stress, Healthy Masculinity, Social Anxiety, Healthy Work-Life Balance, Self-Care Strategies, & Positive Parenting

Clinical Supervision

Claude provides supervision for those obtaining hours for licensure

Panelist & Media Services

Interviews, social media, public speaking

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Practice Info

10725 S Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60643


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